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Mt Hutt Road Trip


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Comment Share Posted on Friday September 25th at 11:54 a.m.

Where do I start........ I was invited to go to Mt Hutt for a few days and once again I could not say no...


On the road with Nick Hyne asleep in the front and Jordan Rehrer also snoozing.

Behind the wheel was Ben Ryan from Reason films.

First stop was for Jordan to have a catch up with his old friend "pony" I think they both spoke Spanish.

Second stop was Lake Tekapo where there is a Japanese restaurant that is amazing. I would recommend the fresh Salmon sushi from the local rivers. But everything is good.

Next was the "On the Spot" dairy in Geraldine. 20 flavours to choose from. How can you go wrong.

Up to Mt Hutt we went and some spectacular views and a fence on the way.

Mt Hutt was looking good and it was time to go ride. Two days of good times in the park and gunning it down the wide open runs.

We were filming for "Diaries Down Under", See Ep 6 coming very soon.

Back down the hill and it was Mr Whippy waiting for us at the bottom of the road. Who can resist.

Back in Methven and we were staying in the middle of town at "The Lodge" and a stone throw away was Trevor Pointings Indoor skate park "The shelter". Definitely one of the best things this small country town has going for a rainy day or after riding up the hill.

Nick with a trick that I could not explain.

Nick showing me how to ride a snake-board. These things keep you entertained for hours if you can't do it very well.

Bugs and Jordan playing a game of B Ball at the shelter between skating.

Another Nick Hyne Special.

On the way back Bugs told me a good story about this sign so we had to stop and buy some cookies. (lets just say the sign has a padlock on it now)

One last Ice Cream to finish off a great trip with friends!!!


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