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AMI Rainbow Primary School Ski Race


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Comment Share Posted on Thursday September 24th at 12:02 p.m.

The most fun race of all !!

Wednesday 22rd of September Rainbow closed! Wind! eeeeeekkkkk

Thursday 24th of September Rainbow closed! Snow!  Wheeeeewwwwwhhhhhhh

BUT Wednesday 23rd of September, Rainbow open with a dusting of new snow Hoooray!

100 kids aged, 7years to 12 years convirged on Rainbow for the race of the season,

The AMI Rainbow Top of the South Primary School Championships.

 It wasn't a perfect blue ski day, flurries of snow, came and went, but patches of blue did appear and the visibility remained good. The dusting of snow made the course perfect for our racers (many racing for the first time). Gary and kerry set a perfect wide open G.S with a speedy finsh. Sean had The St Arnaud Ski Racing Foundations new wireless Algie timing system up and running, with the display board flashing their time as the racers blasted through the finish. Rod White, was our starter,  constantly encouraging our participants as they edged nervously towards the starting wand. Number 36, to worried to race proved a very good little helper by organising our starters into racing order! Then having gathered her courage had a run anyway. Parents, teachers and kids stood cheering at the finsh.

The kids all assembled outside Boris and Lee's cafe at 4 p.m all waiting patiently and with excellent manners.(despite the fact that the snow continued to fall)

The big moment had arrived, who would be the Champions????

First of all the individuals

3rd fastest Junior Girl  9 yr old Katie Nicholls from Lake Roitoiti hooray, 2nd Fastest Girl, Hannah Mackay-Wright (Hampden Street school)  and 1st fastest Junior girl with the blistering time of 68.67 was Lilly Wilkinson from Tahunanui School.

Junior boys 3rd, Adam Nicholls, (lake Rotoiti) 2nd, Bjorn Waechter, (Renwick school) and skiing well Finn Wilkinson from Tahunanui School wilth the time of 69.90

Senior girls 3rd Juliana los, (Girls Prep) 2nd Mikayla Ferens (lake Rotoiti)and skiing very well Evie Reay from Girls Prep with a time of 69.24.

Senior Boys 3rd Jeremy Binns,(St Josephs), Toby Mcgill  skiing excellently and with much heart 67.22(Renwick School) and from Lake Rotoiti School and overall fastest racer on the day Eugene Cech with a time of 64.68

<&rt;1/5 Photos

  • Eugene Cech Fastest Boy Eugene Cech Fastest Boy
  • Good form in the gates Good form in the gates
  • Speeding Speeding
  •  uoooppps nearly lost it uoooppps nearly lost it
  • Bjorn hurtling toward his second place finish in the Junior Boys. Bjorn hurtling toward his second place finish in the Junior Boys.

Now for the teams:

Junior Champions  5/10years.......................1st Tahunanui School

Senior Champions  11yr/12yrs.................... 1st Lake Rotoiti School

A fabulous day was had by all. the kids were great, parents were helpful and encouraging,the weather held out, and of course US the St Arnaud Ski Racing Foundation (who organise and put on the race) went away feeling VERY satisfied and content.

All our races have been acheived for the season and this last one, our most favourite and cutest, fitted right in there on the day and against the weather odds. We had a glass of wine to celebrate, and drove off home tired and quietly pleased.

  • The Prize Giving The Prize Giving








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