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Alex Brook, TC Newbie


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Comment Share Posted on Thursday July 19th at 2:26 p.m.

After admitting I had never skied a day at Treble Cone I was told to "take a long hard look at myself and think about what I had been doing with my life".

With this advice and thanks to the sweet lifestyle that uni provides I had the time to head down to Wanaka for a catch up with friends and a few days skiing. I was so keen in fact that I made the trip down in hope of skiing opening day. Due to my least favourite element (wind), the hill couldn't open and instead we got the boat in for a chilly trip up the lake for a beer (not a shabby alternative).

I headed back to Christchurch still with the itch to get up to TC and see what all the talk is about. Second week of holidays rolled in and I decided to head back to Wanaka and pop my TC cherry once and for all.

Driving to TC we made our way through the inversion layer that lingered on the little lake town and came up to a beautiful bluebird day. Although the early season snow conditions hadn't quite covered the terrain there was still fun to be had. Local TC skier Anna Smoothly kindly took me on a tour of the hill with running chairlift commentary of the usual ratpack games and runs to be had when the snow arrives.

Although I was limited by the low snow cover and just a handful of runs open I have been converted to a huge TC fan. The terrain is a giant playground and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The limited conditions have left me wanting more from TC and there is no doubt i will be back later in the season for round two. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for some cooler temperatures so we can see an end to this rain and get some snow here in Canterbury!


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