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High Noon Express has opened!


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Comment Share Posted on Tuesday July 6th at 6:12 p.m.

Just a tad earlier than the earliest estimate it's now running. Well done everyone involved with the tower 9 repair.

So it's been a few days since I could get near a computer and here's a catch up of my recent 3 days at Turoa...

Friday - Day before the school holidays, pretty busyish for a week day. Giant and High Flyer open and Movenpick for access. Boneyard was... boney. I could see why most seemed to be sticking to the Flyer Chair runs. Best way down to the Giant was to stay high on the ridgeline either side of the snow fence, no worries. Whynots were a lot of fun as always, but our favourite combo of the day was to stay high traversing over to the otherside of the Jumbo and ride some clean lines and soft snow in the lower Raceline area before cutting in under the Jumbo and down the ridgeline to the Giant.

  • Why Not Why Not

On Saturday Whakapapa's T's opened on the upper mountain. At Turoa the weather was still holding off, more blue sky, snow guns running and for me it was time to Shread the Mead! Did some Meadow time at Turoa for the morning with a 3 year old, she progressed well, from hating her first run on the sled, to being able to slide up to 10 metres on skis and ride the Magic Carpet without leaning all over me. All with a big smile on her face and I am so proud of her. 3-4 hours of this action had me pooped, and a wine on the deck in the sun that arvo was the way to go.

  • Alpine Meadow Alpine Meadow

Sunday 4th July: while home was getting nailed with wind and rain we had another blue sky day. Jealous much? It was even quieter today. The little one was keen for a ski again, so a couple more hours on the Meadow (waiting for the shadow to move) before I headed on up. Eeked a couple of runs in before the Express opened.
The news you have all been waiting for!!

  • my first Express ride for the season! my first Express ride for the season!

Yeti was there for the big event, I got a big furry hug and then I was up on the 6. 1st run down Big Bowl groom, but no hang on, just off trail was really nice. Beautful snow with a very thin crust. No need for groom up here folks! Next runs we headed west. Some went Slider way, while some of us went on the high eastern face of Slider+Branchline. Wahoo, the sun was shining on us and the snow was great. Seemed to hold on nicely for us just in time for the end of the weekend and just in time for the Express to open. Sorry to all those that went home, we had a really great time without you.

<&rt;1/3 Photos

  • tower 9 in place tower 9 in place
  • High Traverse High Traverse
  • the playground for the afternoon the playground for the afternoon

And so I have left town now, so it should snow again? At least that's how it seems to work. My flatmates in Ohakune like it when I leave town *wink*

(Winter 2010)


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