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Comment Share Posted on Wednesday July 21st at 9:54 a.m.

The Fischer Retro GS and the last sunny day of the school holidays.

Less novel more pics... Here's a quick look at the weekend just gone at Turoa.

Saturday dawned and we're now at the 1m mark at Turoa! After 2 years on the Meadow, the Fischer Retro GS moved back to the Yahoo trail. BUT, like the 2 years before, it was a grey wet one. The standards are getting higher every year. With extra points awarded for the age of the gear, there are some fine specimens of old boards, skis and clothing coming out of the woodwork. Extra points went to the guy who had a Coronet Peak lift pass from the 80's - still attached to his jacket!! It was a perfect day for testing the limits of the 20 year old Gortex, or Grandad's wooly jumper and flared ski suit. Despite the leaks there were smiles all round especially when showers gave way to big clumpy snow. Freshies tomorrow?!

<&rt;1/7 Photos

  • Fisher Retro GS @ Turoa Fisher Retro GS @ Turoa

Sunday... well to all of you who called it and went home, sorry! Sunday was beautiful. A dusting of fresh all over and sunny blue skies. Cloud tried to sneak in late morning, I got some wicked pics, couple of pea soup moments up top, but then it disappeared altogether.

<&rt;1/5 Photos

  • here comes the cloud here comes the cloud
  • the darkside the darkside
  • Broadbents - Home run from the west doable Broadbents - Home run from the west doable
  • a western view over the Organ Pipes to Layback and Mt Taranaki a western view over the Organ Pipes to Layback and Mt Taranaki
  • another great sunset another great sunset

see you next weekend, Chonnie :)

(Winter 2010)


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