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Comment Share Posted on Tuesday August 3rd at 9:37 a.m.

yeah yeah, ok

These words of all words can make a weekend warrior cringe. Friday the 24th was a bit of a magic day on Rua we heard. Nice freshies and people hooting all over the hill. "Shoulda been here yesterday" they said. The weather forecast for the Saturday looked bad, but we risked it at Turoa. The snow that was supposed to fall overnight never came, and the winds and showers for that day didn't come either. We watched a bit of the Jib Nats in the terrain park and in the afternoon found sunny releasing faces. All the while staring wider out at the frozen tracks taunting us from the day before.

Sunday, the pick of the weekend, snow guns were all go. It was calm and clear and scope for going wide narrowed even more. Oh, and all the people who called Sunday arrived. "Shoulda been here yesterday!" we said. haha.

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Then, Wed/Thurs/Fri were freshies days on the hill. Once again, watching it, hearing it from work, and hoping there would be something left for us on the weekend. The weather outlook for the weekend was iffy again, but this time it seemed if it was gonna happen it would be Saturday or not at all.

We got up nice and early Sat 31st to beat predicted winds. At this time of year Turoa is still the dark side first thing in the morning. I love the shadow cast out to Ohakune.

A few quick laps off the Express and the Jumbo T, heading out wider each time as the sun rose higher. My last couple of runs out Slider I was on my own, as my boyfriend had headed for the crater mission. The breeze was starting to come through from the west and I wanted to scope out the Organ Pipes for my next run before I ventured in there. I had my next run all sorted in my head and was sitting on the Movenpick when I looked east and remembered a spot that not many people head to. And this was where I ended up staying for rest of the afternoon. Lap after lap, heading wider along this creamy face each time, I couldn't believe it was completely chicken scratched by now, being the 4th day. A sheltered sunny spot, shared with few, short run, quick traverse over to the lower Amphitheatre onto Clarry's and back onto the 'Pick. It looked crowded at the bottom, but the queue was basically non existant. It was a great day, all lifts open and softness all over for people to spread wide. Plenty of smiles on weekend faces, happy to be here once again.

So to all my weekend warrior friends who stayed away, here's a taste of what you missed. See you all next weekend. Chonnie.

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  • spot the skier spot the skier
  • east of the Amphitheatre east of the Amphitheatre
  • traversing back to lifts traversing back to lifts

(Winter 2010)



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