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Comment Share Posted on Sunday July 5th at 5:32 p.m.

Hey everyone, So I am sure I am not alone out of the SNOWCO PRO FILERS to add that this is the 1st of any type of internet blogging I have ever been asked to do!!

Which is exactly why you will have to hope like crazy I improve by the end of the winter. One of the biggest fears I had was, would I be able to find something each week to write about! If only!

Winter is here, its cold, frosty and the man upstairs as given us all we need!! Open day at Cardrona had people frothing at the mouth, not just from swine flu but also with the combination of rails, the triple line open and good solid snow coverage, It was SSSSIIIICCCCCKKKK!!!!

So last week I invested in the new POV 1.5. For those of you who this means about as much as it meant to me 2 weeks ago, it's a really frigging amazing helmet cam!! It's not all that big but seems really robust, simple and easy to use, which trust me when I say that appealed to me the most. A big reason behind the new toy was, I thought it would be an interesting way off keeping my weeks SNOWCO PRO FILER exciting and something worth watching. The only thing now is learning how to edit any of the footage, so it is worth watching! So please put up with it until I get some tips, or even better, feel free to give me some productive criticism.

As you know I work at BASE in Wanaka and this week we had the grand opening of our new shop. As you can imagine not only did we have to deal with open day up the hill, but we had to finish and set up a whole new store and even squeeze in a couple of tech sessions with crazy Austrians. Just look at the video!!

This is the shop and a few images taken over the coming weeks...

<&rt;1/5 Photos

So if you have any editing tips please hit me up!!

Till next week.

Peace out Rabbit.



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