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The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding


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The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding is a comprehensive digital book with absolutely everything that you need to prepare yourself for the sports of skiing and snowboarding.

"The Truth About Skiing"

One of the very few books to tackle the subjects of safety whilst skiing or snowboarding, nutrition, training, injuries, as well as a large chapter dedicated to freeride, has now been published.

A new book by Author Danko Puskaric - "The Truth About Skiing" has been published. The book comes with a slightly provocative title, for which it excuses itself by approaching skiing and snowboarding in completely new way. The author himself explains that this book will not teach you how to ski or snowboard.

What this book will provide you with is information that was previously available only to top skiers and snowboard coaches, who greedily keep such details only to themselves. The book is written in simple language, and is fully adapted to all levels of skiers and snowboarders, both beginners and advanced, as well as instructors and coaches for either skiing or snowboarding.

This publication simply has a wealth of useful information that you won't be able to learn independently or in skiing classes, but is crucial for every skier or snowboarder. Over an impressive 292 pages, you'll learn how to prepare yourself for skiing in only a few weeks to a level where you can ski all day long without any fatigue, not to mention the rules of healthy nutrition, and many other interesting facts such as how to lose weight whilst skiing.

In the second part of the book, you'll learn about all possible injuries and how to prevent yourself from sustaining them. You'll also learn a wealth of information regarding ski equipment that you were likely unaware of, and how to save money by maintaining your skis or snowboards by yourself in superb condition.

The final part of the book is intended for more accomplished skiers, and discusses riding beyond the organised ski slopes, popularly known as "freeriding". Aside from the detailed descriptions of the necessary equipment for going on a freeride, you'll learn all about avalanches and other dangers that lurk whilst skiing beyond the pre-arranged slopes, as well as how to recognize a potentially dangerous slope, and what to do in the event of an avalanche. It's noteworthy that hundreds of people are killed each year in avalanches, these mostly being those who are unaware of how to identify potentially dangerous areas.

According to current statistics, about 12000 people in Australia and New Zealand will be hurt whilst skiing and snowboarding this winter alone. According to the same study, approximately 4 people will die skiing and snowboarding this year in either AUS or NZ.

As with avalanches, these are mostly "ordinary" skiers who don't know how to protect themselves properly or recognize the warning signs and take protective measures accordingly. The book abounds with numerous statistics and evidence, and the most interesting part describes how you can substantially reduce the risk of sustaining an injury in the snow by using such relevant information.

The book came about as a product of many years of gathering useful information, all with a view to raising general awareness regarding skiing and snowboarding.

This valuable publication is only available for download online, and apart from the reading material, it comes with various bonuses.

  • What you Need to Eat (and When!)
  • What NOT to Wear and Why!
  • Common training methods that are WRONG!
  • How to Prepare for the Worst Mother Nature has!
  • What Equipment You Should NEVER Use!
  • How to Save a Life!


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