WIN 1 of 4 Beardo Beard Hats

Competition closes 30/08/2012

After taking chilly nations around the globe by storm, Beardo beard hats are now available in New Zealand. The World's Only beanie with a foldaway, detachable and adjustable beard, Beardo solves one of winter’s ultimate conundrums – how to keep your noggin - and face - warm…plus it’s a bit of fun!

Beardo beard hats are the brainchild of Jeff Phillips, a Canadian-born winter enthusiast who has a passion for snowboarding. Though his very first prototype was made using an old knit scarf and far from perfect, it has been severely refined (not thanks to Jeff's horrible knitting skills!) to the innovative and fully patented design that you see today.

And, now thanks to entrepreneur and all round funny guy, Jarrad Douglas, Beardos are available in New Zealand. An avid skier, Jarrad needed something to keep his dome warm this winter while hitting the slopes in “Kune”:

“Being a skier it’s important to keep warm – and of course to dress to impress on the
slopes - what better way is there than with a BEARD?!

When I found the Beardo I knew that this was something the NZ snow community needed. So I got in touch with Jeff and six weeks later the first stock has just hit Kiwi shores!”

To purchase a Beardo beard hat and for more info, head to:

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