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When : 6 p.m. Sat, 7th August 2010
Where : Lake Hawea Hotel



A legend returns! complete with snow trucked into town with airs, rails, boxes and more DJ Cross heads up a night of sound, entertainment and good times.


The World Heli Challenge

The World Heli Challenge brings together a handful of top athletes from around the globe to compete in helicopter accessed competition. The goal is to find out which athlete is the best "all rounder" by combining their freeride and free style skills to showcase their overall talent.

The main event period from July 30 to August 8th is jam packed with events, parties and adventure days.

The primary events of the World Heli Challenge consist of 2 helicopter accessed ski and snowboard competitions. These are the "Extreme Day" and the "Freestyle Day".

Perfect weather is required to use 3-4 helicopters to airlift everyone into the mountains, so we have a weather window that goes from 1st August through until the 8th August. We'll fly on the first two good days.

The Extreme Day has athletes riding big, steep mountains, dropping cliffs. The goal is to see how good a rider can "flash" it down the course - riding hard, fast, in control and utilising the features of the mountain to provide a "wow" factor unlike any other in the sport.

The Freeride Day showcases an athletes acrobatic and aerial skills. They take what they've learnt in the resorts and apply it to the backcountry, pushing the limits of what is possible in freestyle.

The scores from each day are added together, finding out who is the best all rounder of the event and a World Heli Challenge Champion.

The overall men and women's winners will receive free entry into the 2011 World Heli Challenge plus free entry into the King of the Hill and World Extreme Skiing Championships in Valdez, Alaska.

"The Fktor Award" Asides from being a World Heli Challenge Champion in the skiing or boarding, the major overall prize is the "Fktor" Award. This will go to the athlete who puts on the most "outstanding performance" of the event. This could be a boarder or a skier. This athlete would have blown the minds of the judges, their peers and the media in their runs. This person will win a full week heli package at Points North Heli, Cordova, Alaska.



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