The Snowvision Foundation

The Snowvision Foundation is a Charitable Trust committed to building a new future for New Zealanders by encouraging the development, particularly of youth, with the support of resources in alpine recreational activities. We have created an integrated approach for the benefit of New Zealand people involved in snow and winter alpine recreation.

Snowvision aims to:

* Establish and build a capital fund of $5 million+, the income of which will enable the development of a dedicated sustainable program in winter alpine and snow related activities.
* Develop New Zealand youth involved in winter and snow activities and recreational pursuits.
* Provide long term support for the development of skills and education of young people involved within their fields of endeavor.
* Enable, promote and help provide educational and training resources.
* Promote best practices and help support facilities and expertise in winter alpine recreation.
* Supply resources to support modern programs in safety, research, mental wellbeing, physical fitness and nutrition in winter alpine recreation.

Creating a capital fund

"The Future depends on what we do in the present." - Mahatma Gandi

To provide financial resources to support New Zealand's future in winter recreational activities relating to snow, The Snowvision Foundation aims to build a capital fund of $5+ million from donations, legacies, sponsorship and fundraising activities.

The fund will be invested with the aim of providing regular returns to be used for the purposes of the trust.

How can you help?

To build our capital fund, the Snowvision Foundation is seeking donations of cash and goods (which could be auctioned), sponsorship opportunities, ideas about how to raise money. If you can help in any way, please email

our people


  • Lady Tait

Founding Patron:

  • Sir Edmund Hillary (1919 - 2008)


  • Richard Mehrtens Chairman Snowvision
  • Fiona Stevens
  • Simon Allen
  • Tony Hannon
  • Tony Nowell