The 2011 Snowco New Zealand Small Ski Area Service Awards

Awarded for excellence in service and safety offered to snow-users in New Zealand

The small ski area deemed by you, the snow-users, to have given the best service to their visitors during 2011 was;


SASA Trophy
2011 Department Winners


  • Best Road & Carpark Managment,
  • Best Ticket Dept. Service
  • Best Kept Toilets
  • Best Rental Dept Service
  • Best Lifts Supervision,
  • Best Terrain & Grooming,
  • Best Overall Staff Service
  • Best Snowsports School

The voting consists of 33 questions contained in an online survey hosted on It questions the voter about service that they received in the following departments of the ski areas operation;

  1. Before you leave. Availability of relevant information.
  2. The mountain road. Signage, road surface, car parking.
  3. First Contact. Staff service.
  4. Base Area Information. Visible.
  5. Tickets. Visible information, easy to understand, queue set-out, staff service.
  6. Ski and Snowboard Rental. Queue set-out, staff service.
  7. Lifts. Queue set-out, staff supervision, surface lift load and unload condition, signage, grooming.
  8. Toilets. Easy to find, clean, functioning.
  9. Food & Beverage. Premises, food preparation, understandable menus, staff service, value for money.
  10. Ski & Snowboard School. Staff services, class number ratios, safety fun & learning.
  11. Overall Snow Experience.

The results were;

2011 Snowco New Zealand Ski Area Service Award Results
Ranking Ski Area Score out of 5 Score Compared to 2010
1 Cheeseman 4.6232
2 Craigieburn 4.5342
3 Rainbow 4.5296
4 Broken River 4.4876
5 Mt Olympus 4.1050
6 Temple Basin 4.3959

Snowco would again like to thank everyone that voted, we appreciate the time that you spent filling out the questionnaire.

Previous winners were ;
2010 - Cheeseman
2009 - Mt Olympus
2008 - Cheeseman
2007 - Cheeseman
2006 - Mt Olympus
2005 - Rainbow Ski Area
2004 - Rainbow Ski Area
2003 - Mt Olympus
2002 - Temple Basin
2001 - Mt Olympus
2000 - Temple Basin