Commercial Ski Areas in New Zealand have a very fragmented pass pricing system. There is no standard, and every ski area has its own spin on what deals they offer to specific groups of the public to try to attract them to their slopes. Buying a single day pass with separate rental is the most expensive way to ride in NZ.

Make sure that you check out whether the ski area you are visiting has a multi day pass, beginners package or a all mountain lesson package that might better suit your situation.

Don't forget that their is a CHILL multi-day pass option if you intend to travel around the South Island and sample a number of ski fields. CHILL offers 5, 7 and 10 day anytime passes for most Canterbury or, most Canterbury and MacKenzie fields. WHAT WE LIKE: Great if you're touring the South Island, just chose your mountain and turn up to any of the 13 participating ski areas the length of the South Island.

Cardrona and Treble Cone in Wanaka operate ONEPASSNZ.COM . WHAT WE LIKE: This pass enables the user to ride at a slightly discounted day rate but also offers discounts on 45 additional activities. You can also load your card (or your kids cards) up with cash to use at the cafes up the hill. You can log on and see how many virticle metres you've skied. WHAT WE HATE: They haven't quite cracked it yet as you have to load days (or cash) specific to the ski area you wish to visit, you cannot use TC days (or cash) at Cardrona. Any cash left in your card at the end of the year becomes forfeit. (operators of Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak & The Remarkables) operate a similar card for their mountains called the mypass. Again you can load lift passes, rental and cash, and it give you discounts for additional activities. WHAT WE LIKE: Finally a pass that you can load Remarks and Coronet and they are interchangeable. Hutt misses out though. You can log on and see how many virticle metres you've skied. (operators of Whakapapa and Turoa) offer a multi-day pass that is usable on both side of the mountain. WHAT WE LIKE: Resonably prices and interchangeable between mountains. 2,3 & 4 days anytime passes available across both areas at a cheaper rate to day passes. WHAT WE HATE: You cannot log on to load cash to use on the hill. You cannot log on to see your verticle metre brag sheet.

The big three above (onepass, mypass and mtruapehu pass) all now use plastic cards so if you purchase a one day pass and vow never to return you will still be issued with a card. You can log on to you prfile on their websites and pre-load passes and rental onto your card to saveyou time on the hill. Remember to take your pass because there is a charge to re-issue you with a new one.

There is a step toward raising the kids ski for free age to 10 & under, raising the youth age to 11 - 18 and removing the student rate. A couple of areas also promote family pass rates. All this goes a long way to simplifying the pass structure and giving incentive to parents to ski and snowboard as a family activity. The only bad news is for older students but it does simplify things at the ticket booth. Congratulations to the areas who are adopting these simplifying initiatives.

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Commercial Ski pass prices


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Prices are quoted as at the 10 May 2014 and may be subject to change, please confirm prices on the ski areas prices pages.