New Zealand Snowsports Council

The New Zealand Snowsports Council (formally NZ Ski Council) was established in 1988. It was formed to define a long term plan to promote snow sports as an exhilarating outdoor recreational activity/sport which is easily accessible and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

This overall objective has been formulated so that:

New Zealanders can be given the opportunity to experience and participate in one of our most worthwhile winter activities.

Vision: Growth in Snow Sports for all Mission:

What? To Advance the Development and Management of Snow Sports in NZ

Professional Management
Promotion Research

National Snowsports Organisations

The New Zealand Snowsports Council consists of five members:
   NZ Mountain Safety Council (NZMSC)
   NZ Snow Industries Federation (NZSIF)
   Ski Areas Association NZ (SAANZ)
   Ski Racing New Zealand (SRNZ)
   Snow Sports New Zealand (SSNZ)

Activities include:
Injury prevention programme with ACC and NZMSC
Liaise with the media
Skills Active Shareholder
Contribution to Snow Sports Award
Research through SAANZ and NZSIF
Promotions through SAANZ and NZSIF

Skiing and snowboarding are two of New Zealand’s most popular winter activities for New Zealanders and overseas visitors alike.

This provides the tourism industry with excellent opportunities during the off season. The highest number of ski area visits recorded was in 2008 with 1,402,000 visits. For the past decade ski area visits have averaged over 1.2 million visits.

The industry has experienced growth due to investment in facilities, snowmaking and improved customer services.


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