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Established in the early 1980s the association was formed to represent the interests of the commercial ski areas in New Zealand. The association's role involves marketing, partnerships, education, research, advocacy, standards, technology and communication.

Membership of the association is open to ordinary, associate and affiliate members. Ordinary members are persons, firms or corporate bodies directly engaged in ski area operations on a commercial basis.

Associate members are those persons, firms or corporate bodies not directly engaged in commercial ski area operations but are involved in the promotion of snow sports or have a special contribution to make to the association, or supply goods and services to commercial ski areas. Affiliate members are preferred suppliers to the ski areas.

The association currently represents 14 commercial ski areas, and has 6 associate members (introduced in 1991) and 2 affiliate members (introduced in 1998).

On behalf of its membership the association is involved in:

Industry training by holding seminars and forums for members. a conference is held in october each year.

Supporting marketing programmes through the ski marketing promotion fund

Research, including annual operating statistics

Supporting skier safety programmes and research

Employment issues and government representation involving the preparation of submissions when the need arises.

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